What We Do

We provide an integrated, coherent tri-service training solution. Under the UKMFTS programme we deliver the training needs analysis, acquisition of training aircraft, training design and curriculum development, site facilities, hangars, classrooms, training devices and simulators. In summary: we deliver a holistic integrated training solution to the next generation of UK military aircrew, safety and efficiency guides us in everything we do.

What are we required to deliver?

  • Closure and ultimately eradication of the training capability gap
  • Reduction of the overall cost of training by taking a holistic tri-service approach, without compromising output standards
  • Maximisation of the potential to download live training and optimise the total time in training for all aircrew disciplines
  • Introduction of the new flying training system without disruption to operational output
  • And ultimately – the production of highly-motivated, capable, agile and adaptable Military aircrew for delivery to their Operational Units.

Our Sites

Military training is delivered at 6 sites across the UK, supported by our Bristol Head Office.

Our Services

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