Gender Pay Gap

At Ascent Flight Training, we know our employees are our strongest assets. We are proud of our expanding diversity, inclusion and belonging (D, I & B) strategy and value and listen to all voices within our organisation.

Ascent delivers flying training in a military environment. And while many of our people have military backgrounds that provide specialist knowledge and expertise, we also boast an impressive blend of highly motivated instructors from other backgrounds.

Our Bristol ‘Hub’ includes a mix of individuals with varying professions, skills and levels of experience. But, what we all share, is a continuous commitment and passion to deliver our One Team mission. 

We continue to work hard to improve our gender balance within a challenging environment. By partnering with organisations such as Women in Defence and our shareholder companies, Lockheed Martin and Babcock, we are committed to changing the perception that defence organisations are male dominated, because we know that women deserve equal representation. 

We must break down barriers for women in defence to truly realise limitless success in business. In 2023, we are proud and excited to be Silver Sponsors for the Defence Women’s Network and look forward to working together on initiatives to break down biases and provide improved opportunities for women. We are also engaged with the Aspire for Equality Programme, where many of our female employees continue to hone their amazing skills. 

We are excited that 2022/23 marks the fifth gender pay gap reporting year for our organisation. At Ascent, we advocate the impact of transparency around gender pay and strive to achieve year on year improvements.

Click here for the latest Government gender pay gap report for Ascent Flight Training.