Tree planting at Cranwell

As part of Ascent’s commitment to sustainability, fighting climate change and local community support, members of the Cranwell Management Team grabbed their spades and planted trees in the local parish.

The team planted a total of nine trees, all native species, including English oak, ash and beech. Oaks in particular can live for hundreds of years. They are a haven for over 2,000 species of native wildlife, providing vital spaces to eat, shelter and breed. Even as a sapling, an oak tree gets straight to work providing food and homes for wildlife and absorbing CO2 – during its life, an English oak could absorb over 15 tonnes of CO2.

Cranwell General Manager, Darren Arch, said: “We all recognise the need to tackle climate change by reducing our carbon emissions, which, given our role in the delivery of flying training, represents both real and presentational challenges. All the more so here at Cranwell, with the impact of our activity immediately visible to those in the local community. 

“Alongside the need to reduce our carbon footprint, which we are working on, trees are the best natural solution to lock up the existing atmospheric carbon. Planting and establishing more trees will capture carbon from the atmosphere as they grow, so this was a natural choice for us looking to make a tangible difference.”

As well as demonstrating our commitment to the local community and enhancing the employee experience and wellbeing, it is hoped the new trees will help capture around 10kgs of CO2 each year going forward. The Cranwell team is aiming to plant 100 trees in the local area over time.