We’re a Disability Confident Committed employer

At Ascent we are dedicated to providing a fully inclusive workplace – and are delighted to be recognised as a Disability Confident Committed employer.

As a supportive employer, we actively provide workplace opportunities and experiences for all people and endeavour to accommodate all disabilities.

We encourage all people with disabilities to apply for relevant skilled job roles within the business. As an inclusive company we welcome all disability applications which will be processed fairly, in line with our recruitment policy.

At Ascent, we also provide workplace schemes for all students, including those with disabilities – this includes apprenticeships, work experience and job shadowing for a day.

Ascent will continue to work towards maintaining our commitment to those with disabilities.

Pictured: Tess Hewitt (People Partner), Jason Parr (DI&B Committee member) and Martyn Davison (Qualified Instructor) from RAFC Cranwell