About Ascent

Who are Ascent?

Ascent Flight Training Ltd is the training design and delivery organisation appointed as the UK MOD’s Training Service Partner. Our sole purpose is to provide the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) for the Armed Forces until 2033. We deliver the UKMFTS programme as part of a unique partnering arrangement with RAF 22 Group and the UKMFTS Project Team within the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support organisation.

Why was Ascent brought on board?

Existing military training has served the Armed Forces well for many years but the drive to reduce cost while preparing crews for ever more sophisticated front-line aircraft was a catalyst for change. The Ministry of Defence realised that innovation in training delivery could be achieved if all military flying training was included in an industry-led, military-backed new training system.

The requirement for an industry led UKMFTS was competed in 2006 and Ascent, a 50/50 joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Babcock International won the contract in May 2008. Alongside our shareholders we are dedicated to this unique task and with our highly capable team we have the unique ability to deliver an innovative training solution to the next generation of UK military aircrew. The UKMFTS delivery model represents a world-class, efficient and innovative partnering agreement between one of the world’s finest air and aviation forces, the Ministry of Defence and a joint venture between two of the world’s most robust defence and support service companies.

One Mission, One Team

Delivering a World Class Military Flying Training System

Strategic Intent

  • Work together in partnership to deliver UKMFTS on time and to cost
  • Optimise time in training, eradicate the training capability gap and maximise efficiency
  • Introduce the new flying training system without disruption to operational output
  • Produce highly motivated, capable, agile and adaptable military aircrew
  • Be innovative and challenging in the delivery of UKMFTS

Our Partnership

We work in a unique partnership with the MOD to deliver a world class UKMFTS and are co-located on our military sites and also at our training hub in Bristol.  We maintain a keen eye on the customer requirement and this informs all that we do as we prepare our students to transfer to their Operational Conversion units.

Our partnership is central to the outstanding success of the UKMFTS programme and allows us to exchange valuable information with military partners to achieve an optimised output in line with military output standards.

Ministry of Defence through RAF 22 Group. Maintains the training output requirements and standards whilst providing elements such as airfields, fuel and instructors - is the 'end user'.

Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S). Provides contracting oversight and assurance.

Ascent (Babcock and Lockheed Martin). MOD appointed Training Service Partner (TSP), designs the overall systems and delivers the training capability.

Our Shareholders

Lockheed Martin

We are a 50/50 joint venture owned by Babcock and Lockheed Martin.

Our Suppliers

  • Affinity (aircraft service provider for Fixed Wing)
  • Airbus Helicopters UK (aircraft service provider for Rotary Wing)
  • Babcock (infrastructure and IT supplier)
  • Cobham (aircraft service provider for Rear Crew)
  • Lockheed Martin (ground based training equipment and simulation provider)

Career Opportunities at Ascent