Rear Crew Training Service Sustainment at RNAS Culdrose

Ascent have received notification of the MOD’s intent to further invest in the Rear Crew Stage One (RCS1) training service at RNAS Culdrose, which trains Royal Navy Observers (RNO) and RAF Weapon Systems Officers (WSO). This capability sustainment will not only extend the current service but also proactively address obsolescence through an equipment modification programme, which will ensure continued utilisation of the four Avenger aircraft at RNAS Culdrose for the foreseeable future.
We are very much looking forward to the steps being taken to assure the continuation of Rear Crew training at RNAS Culdrose, including an updated mission system for the Avenger aircraft.
Accordingly, Ascent have ramped up a RCS1 Sustainment team and request for proposals have been released to the supply chain.

Photo: Members of the the newly expanded RCS1 Team