Pioneering changes in Rotary Wing Pilot training

The traditional training systems where pilots train initially on fixed wing aircraft, and then move to helicopters will be replaced with a new rotary wing only system.

Army student pilots will soon be the first to begin their UKMFTS flying training at RAF Shawbury No 1 Flying Training School, bypassing previous fixed wing ground school and fixed wing elementary flying training. They will receive a period of helicopter orientated ground school training before taking to the air for the first time in the Airbus H135 Juno aircraft.
The initial phase of training will take place using a new, higher fidelity flight simulator currently being installed; alongside existing sophisticated ground-based simulators, to allow for a more flexible and less weather dependent training environment

Tim James, Managing Director says “As part of our recent 2019 SDSR rotary contract we committed to design and deliver an innovative rotary only pipeline for the UK MOD. I am very proud of the team’s ability to deliver this new training system on time, an innovative solution which will greatly speed up the progression for Army and Navy rotary students, getting them to their front line careers faster and more efficiently for the UK MOD.”