Phenom simulator upgrade fully operational

Ascent is delighted to announce that its fully upgraded Phenom full flight simulator (FFS) is now operational – and already hard at work helping trainees through their multi engine pilot training (MEPT).

The FFS is a state-of-the-art simulator that provides an immersive and realistic training environment for pilots, allowing all aspects of the MEPT syllabus to be taught and rehearsed, prior to transferring the newly acquired skills to live aircraft. It is the cornerstone of the Phenom ground based training equipment (GBTE).

In order to represent live aircraft as closely as possible, software and features need to keep ‘in step’ with any developments and upgrades installed on the aircraft.

To this end, a key safety feature on the Phenom has now been replicated on the sim. Emergency Descent Mode is an autopilot function which, in the event of an aircraft depressurisation at high altitude, initiates an automatic descent. Garmin software has also been updated, along with other minor outstanding discrepancies between the aircraft and the GBTE.

The upgrades have been carried out to all six Phenom GBTE managed by Ascent, which has also meant changes to the Flight Training Device and 4 Part Task Trainers.

The work – which included testing, installation, regression testing and validation for each device – was completed in full and ahead of schedule, thanks to collaboration with GBTE suppliers CAE, Lockheed Martin, who provide GBTE support across UKMFTS, and the MOD.

Just one day after receiving validation, the FFS was back in full use, supporting UKMFTS training from 08:15 to 21:30, with no fewer than seven individual training serials scheduled.