Mark hits 7,000 flying hours

Congratulations to Ascent’s Mark Rowlinson, who has celebrated hitting his 7,000th flying hour, with a presentation at the 60 Sqn weekly brief at RAF Shawbury.

Mark has flown an array of aircraft in his career, from Sea King Mk2, 5 & 6, to Chipmunk, Wessex Mk5, Sea King Mk4, Squirrel HT1, Griffin HT1, HAR2 and is now qualified on the Juno and Jupiter.

Mark joined the Navy in the 1970s as an aircraft mechanic and served in the Falklands Conflict. He then became aircrew in the 1980s, initially as an ASW crewman.

After leaving the Navy for a couple of years, Mark rejoined and operated as an ASW and Jungley crewman. He became a QAI in the 1990s and was an A2, before leaving the Navy in 2006 and joining Cobham.

He has taught at 705, 202, and 60 Sqns – and has the honour of never doing a CFS QHCI course, but providing nearly 2,000 hours of instruction!

At the presentation of a commemorative picture and champagne, Shawbury’s Chief Rearcrew Instructor, Andre Vernon said: “Mark is a great instructor who has passed on his knowledge to many trainees and is able to teach in many roles. He is a valued member of the Ascent team and this is well deserved formal recognition of 7,000 hours in the air.”