Ian McDonald – pilot

What attracted you to work for Ascent?

I was initially employed by Serco as a pilot on the Jetstream, so came to Ascent under TUPE rules, as the contract transferred to Ascent in 2011. So, working for Ascent was a happy accident!

What does your role as an Ascent pilot entail?

In general, acting as a pilot for syllabus sorties and the occasional external tasking. Although not employed as instructors, we are able to have some input into the training by interaction with the trainees and QOI’s. 

    My job includes remaining current in the role and completing all training required to be able to fly as a single pilot in the Avenger. This includes annual simulator training, monthly engine failure practice, instrument rating and various other tests. Also, of great importance is operating the aircraft safely and within the applicable rules.

    What do you enjoy most about working for Ascent?

    I enjoy working for a relatively small company where people know each other and have a common aim, i.e., the training of future aircrew

    What are the benefits of working for Ascent?

    It allows me to continue a role I thoroughly enjoy, whilst working as a civilian, in a small tightly knit unit that includes both civilians and serving personnel. I am allowed to concentrate on my primary role without distraction and work in a friendly, forward-thinking environment.

    Would you recommend working for Ascent?

    I would be happy to recommend Ascent as an employer, I feel valued by the company and work with great people.