Chloe Taylor – Operations Planner

What attracted you to work for Ascent?

One of my friends already worked as an Ops Planner for Ascent, and when a position came up at RNAS Culdrose, he suggested I apply for it. I already had an interest in aviation, and as my friend recommended the position, I thought it couldn’t be bad if he enjoyed it! Ascent as a company is massively different to where I was before, and the job is poles apart from my previous role – but I wanted a change and to learn something new.

What does your role as Ascent Ops Planner entail?

My role is split into two parts – planning and operations – which means that my time is divided between two physical locations in the building. When planning, I am responsible for creating the daily programme, guided by the Training Manager on what needs to be completed within a time frame.

For operations, I oversee the Daily Flying Programme, and attend briefs with the aircrew, liaising with Air Traffic Ops and monitoring any flight information that may be of use to the crews. In both roles, it is a very forward-facing job, and I get to speak to everyone on the Squadron at some point during the day, which I love.

    What do you enjoy most about working for Ascent?

    What I most enjoy about Ascent is the people. Everyone is so supportive and kind and want to help each other. Because we are a relatively small team at Culdrose, it is easier to spend more time with colleagues, getting to know them and being able to support them in a greater capacity.

    As we all have the same end goal, we work well as one team and share values which makes us feel respected and included in our workplace. It’s such a supportive community and I feel happy coming into the building every day. I truly feel like I belong.

    What are the benefits of working for Ascent?

    There are lots of benefits of working for Ascent. Flexible working is a major one, as the company understands that sometimes life gets in the way – whether it be car problems, childcare responsibilities, or even a hobby, the company strives to keep morale up and understands that a flexible working routine can help with this. There are also health benefits that Ascent offers, including AXA Healthcare and Bupa Dental Care. The company also enables me to develop personally and professionally, which makes me feel valued and more than just a ‘worker’.

    Would you recommend working for Ascent ?

    I 100% feel that I would recommend working for Ascent, as it is such a great company. I feel so valued as part of a team, and I know that my colleagues are looking out for me and my mental health, which is so important. Obviously, the salary is a great benefit, along with the Ascent Benefit Scheme as previously mentioned. It would be hard to match how happy I am in this role.