UKMFTS Directors’ Cup Awarded

Congratulations to a combined team (comprising members from DE&S, 22Gp, Air Cap and Ascent), who have been awarded the 2021 Directors Cup, for demonstrating excellent collaborative working in exploring and experimenting on the transformation of the Fast Jet pipeline.
They are trialling novel technologies under the governance of the RAF Central Flying School team. The aim of their project is to transform the fast jet pipeline, accelerating student progress toward their front line roles.
The presentation of the cup took place under our new ways of working, in a “hybrid ceremony” with a mix of face to face and on-screen representation.

Photo left to right:
Tim James, Ascent MD; Commodore Mark Langrill RN, Head UK Military Flying Training System; Scott Badman, UKMFTS Transformation Manager; Wing Commander Jason Bowes, 22 Group (on-screen); Rich Saunders, Transformation Programme Manager, Ascent; Air Commodore Jamie Hunter, Director Flying Training