Pedro hits 10k flying hours

Congratulations to Peter (Pedro) Trainor, a member of the Ascent Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) team at Cranwell, who on a recent sortie reached the magnificent milestone of 10,000 flying hours!

Pedro has enjoyed over 40 years of military aviation, flying a wide variety of aircraft types and roles, and is an exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable instructor. He started his flying career in a Chipmunk in May 1983, flew Nimrod for many years, and as a QFI flew the King Air with 45 Squadron at RAF Cranwell. This was followed by a period operating the Reaper unmanned aircraft, stationed at Creech US Air Force Base in Nevada.

On leaving the RAF, Pedro joined Ascent Flight Training as a MEPT QFI, once more flying with 45 Squadron at RAF Cranwell, this time operating the Phenom T Mk1.

Pedro’s 10k achievement was recognised by a reception committee including Darren Arch, Ascent’s General Manager at Cranwell, who was delighted to present a bottle of champagne to Pedro on his return to the Sykes Building.  

Darren said: “This is a significant milestone achieved by one of the Cranwell team and demonstrates the depth and breadth of experience we have within our instructional cadre at Ascent.”