Mental practice learning techniques trialled in Elementary Training

Ascent continues to review the delivery of flying training as part of its Transformation project; and has contracted 2nABLE to deliver their System of mental practice to test new learning techniques for Elementary Flying Training (EFT) courses as it seeks to evolve the current system, and continues to put the trainee at the centre of the System.
The trial will support 5 EFT courses over a six month period, for which 2nABLE have produced a mental practice app and methodology underpinned by psychology, education and aviation expertise. Using this technique by imaging a perfect performance in your mind, you recreate the same brain functions as physically performing that event. This approach helps ingrain the connection in the brain required to remember a skill.
Feedback from both trainees and instructors has suggested that physical practice together with Mental Practice may be more effective than physical practice alone.

Photo: Courtesy of 2nABLE