Lorna Wallace – Business Manager

What attracted you to work for Ascent?

When I applied for the Ascent Administrator role at RNAS Culdrose nine years ago, I had been made redundant from a recruitment agency where I worked part time within the admin and finance department.  I was a busy mum, and with the children now in school full time, I had to find a job that fitted with family commitments, but at the same time give me an identity, (not just chief bottle washer, cook, cleaner and taxi!).

I wanted to find a job that would challenge me, give me job satisfaction with a long-term commitment, but also set an example to my girls that I wasn’t just mum! The role here with Ascent not only offered me all those things, but also gave me new challenges, and a new working experience and learning environment, as I had never worked within an aviation or military environment before.

What does your role as Business Manager entail?

As I evolve into the Business Manager role, I have found that my nine years with the company has been a real advantage. Without realising it, the experience and learning within the workplace has given me a good understanding of how the business works and makes the transition into the role much easier. It has given me a good understanding of the statistical reporting requirements and also the budgeting and finance responsibilities.

I manage the reconciliation side of the business and ensure the ITAR obligations are enforced, as well as being the lead SEMCO representative regarding health and safety. I am responsible for maintaining contractual compliances by our suppliers and support Information Assurance quality audits on site (ISO 9001). I also give support to the GM on Risk management. In time, I look forward to line managing our future Business Assistant at Culdrose.

What do you enjoy most about working for Ascent?

Opportunity – there is always opportunity to develop your primary role, as well as become involved in other areas of opportunity within the company, such as various support forums. I also enjoy being part of the Ascent community, and by that I am not only acknowledging the Ascent team at Culdrose that I work with day to day, but the wider Ascent community that I interact with across the business. It is a very supportive environment to work within.

What are the benefits of working for Ascent?

Apart from the Ascent Benefit Scheme, one of the main benefits about working for Ascent is the opportunity for self-development within the company. Ascent encourages and facilitates internal and external training courses with a wide range of opportunity, this can include everything from First Aid at work training, to Leadership Programmes.

Would you recommend working for Ascent?

Absolutely! Working for Ascent offers a very supportive and inclusive working environment with employment opportunity.