Like father, like son

It’s a family affair at RAF Valley, as a father and son carry out their basic training – at the same time!

Andy Lewis, a former member of the Red Arrows and ex-Harrier pilot, joined Ascent as a simulator instructor in 2022, and is now aspiring to join the BFT QFI instructor team.

He recently carried out his first solo flight in the Texan, as part of his conversion, and was presented with his solo patch by his son James. James just happens to also be a BFT trainee at Valley, and is much further through the course than his dad.

Andy, who has a vast experience of operations across the world, is now working hard to achieve the dizzy heights of Texan first pilot day.

Meanwhile, James is progressing through the BFT syllabus and currently has more experience of Texan operations than his dad. And the son becomes the teacher – just prior to the presentation, James points out to dad that he had left the data brick in the rear cockpit!

We wish them both the best of luck with their training.