Jayne Green

What attracted you to work at Ascent?

I had a varied and rewarding 20-year career in the Royal Navy, flying and instructing on Lynx helicopters and conducting training in HM Ships. Because of this I spent a lot of time away at sea and in different locations around the UK. Making the jump to Ascent meant I could keep the job I loved without having to compromise stability for my family. I had my first child having just started at Ascent and my return to work was managed very well.

What does your role as a BFT Qualified Observer Instructor entail?

I am part of a squadron instructing trainee Royal Navy Observers and Royal Air Force Weapons Systems Officers on the Avenger, teaching navigation and tactical skills both airborne and on the ground in the Tactical Mission Trainer.

The course is designed to develop future Aircrew from individuals who know little about aviation into those ready to progress to their next stage of training on either Merlin Mk2 or Wildcat HMA2 for the Royal Navy or the Poseidon MRA1 for the Royal Air Force.

What do you enjoy most about working at Ascent?

I am lucky to work for an organisation which enables me to continue the work I carried out in the Royal Navy whilst being able to go home every night. I really enjoy teaching trainees and get a great deal of satisfaction as I watch them progress. The course is very demanding and as a qualified coach I often get involved with the trainees who are finding it more challenging than others.

What are the benefits of working at Ascent & why would you recommend working here?

Ascent offers a competitive salary and benefits package including healthcare. I have also taken advantage of flexible working arrangements to spend more time with my family during school holidays.