Ashley Basnett

My name is Ashley Basnett, and I recently qualified as a B2 Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) on the Grob Prefect T1.

What attracted you to work at Ascent?

I am from a civilian aviation background and was attracted by the opportunity to join “the elite”, and to teach the next generation of RAF pilots starting their flying careers at Cranwell.

What does your role at Ascent entail?

As a newly qualified QFI on 57 Squadron, I deliver Elementary Flying Training to military trainee pilots teaching their initial flying skills, which prepares them for their varied future flying careers.

What do they enjoy most about working at Ascent?

My favourite aspects of working at Ascent include the challenging, but extremely rewarding experience of teaching, developing and guiding, highly motivated junior pilots, along their chosen career paths. To quote Seneca, “Docendo Discimus”…..”By teaching, we learn;” and I am extremely fortunate to learn something new every day in my role as an Instructor at Ascent.

The professional and personal support offered by my colleagues, the Senior Staff, and in particular, the Chief Pilot, is unparalleled. They all genuinely want you to succeed in your role, and ensure you have all the right backing, to enable this.

What are the benefits & why would you recommend working at Ascent?

Receiving instructional training at the Central Flying School was a privilege and has prepared me well for my new career as a QFI.

The varied day to day flying is immensely rewarding (and fun!), and the trainees are a pleasure to work with.

Everyone is brilliant to work alongside, and you truly feel part of a team.

The work-life balance is perfect for me. I’m definitely enjoying having weekends back (something that isn’t common in aviation!) and I love the location of Cranwell, as Lincolnshire is a great place to live.